All Girl Massage - Your Breasts, Your Choice

Publish Date:10.12.2022
Lena Paul shows up for her back rub arrangement, griping about her back. The masseuse, Evelyn Claire, is covertly drawn to Lena's huge bosoms, however before long carries Lena to the confidential space to start the back rub meeting. The two of them strip down for the back rub, and Lena whines that her enormous bosoms are the motivation behind why she has back and shoulder torment.

Evelyn starts the back rub. Lena ultimately uncovers that she's unsure about her bosoms and needs to decrease their size. She's fed up with feeling compelled to adore her huge bosoms in light of the fact that others think that they are alluring. Evelyn concedes that she respects Lena's bosoms, yet adds that Lena ought to do her thought process is ideal, for however long she's doing it for HERSELF, regardless of what size her bosoms are. This ultimately prompts Lena feeling enabled and stirred. She says that at the present time, what she needs is... Evelyn!
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