All Girl Massage - Family Friction 4: Missing Mommy's Smile

Publish Date:28.05.2023
In the wake of having cavorts with both her step-sibling, Nathan, AND step-sister, Kenna, Carolina Desserts shows up at a back rub parlor to welcome her step-mother, Dee Williams. Dee is excited to see her step-little girl, however her energy blurs as Carolina delicately defies her about what's been happening inside the family. To assist with offering some relief from the awkward discussion, they move onto the back rub table, ready to rub each other's concerns away.
As they alternate kneading each other all through, Dee is pained as she attempts to plan her considerations, however at last concedes that her better half hasn't done anything wrong... No, this is about HER approaching into her own since beginning her new business. Being near and rubbing such countless stripped ladies has caused Dee to understand that perhaps she cherishes - - and consistently have adored - - ladies! Has Carolina at any point been with a lady??
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