All Girl Massage - Teacher's Tramp

Publish Date:29.05.2023
Carmen Caliente is on the telephone with her companion discussing how epic her end of the week was. She wound up connecting with a wide range of young ladies and can hardly hold on to begin school and discover some new pussy. At the point when her companion tells her that another back rub parlor opened up, Carmen inquires as to whether that is the one that Maddy O'Reilly is working at. Her companion tells her it is and that she ought to go look at it. Carmen hangs up the telephone and starts pondering how hot it is dyke it out with her old educator. Now that she's 18, she's 100 percent sure she could tempt her. At the point when she gets to the salon, she inquires as to whether she recalls her. Maddy tells her she looks recognizable yet isn't 100 percent sure where she knows her from. Carmen tells her she used to be one of her understudies. At the point when Maddy affirms that she's 18, she takes her toward the back and requests that she remove her garments for the back rub. What Maddy didn't expect is for Carmen to get taking going her garments before her. She rests on the table and can't really accept that how great Maddy's hands feel on her body. Maddy kneads her back and legs however Carmen continues to advise her to draw nearer to her butt and pussy. Each time they do, Carmen groans somewhat stronger. At the point when Carmen pivots and lies on her back, she movements for Maddy to rub nearer to her pussy.
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