All Girl Massage - You're Both Acting Stubborn

Publish Date:20.12.2022
Two spouses, Amari Anne and Avery Dark, enter a back rub parlor yet don't seem to be feeling great. Avery presents a gift testament to the masseuse, Petra Blair, saying that they're there for a couple's back rub. Notwithstanding, when Petra looks it over, she demands that it's just for a Solitary's back rub.

This is by all accounts the straw that broke the camel's back as Amari grumbles about Avery never focusing. It's reasonable they have a great deal of strain between them as they obstinately quibble directly before Petra, clearly not thinking often about the show they're putting on. To stop the quarreling, Petra proposes that she gives them BOTH a back rub herself, however they'll be extended a piece dainty since she needs to split her consideration between them. Despite the fact that Avery and Petra don't for even a moment Need a back rub now, they hesitantly take Petra up on her proposition.
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