All Girl Massage - Where are My Clothes?

Publish Date:19.01.2023
Karlee Dark is standing by without complaining in the back rub room. At the point when Casey Ballerini shows up to welcome her, she advises her to strip down and advance toward the shower. Casey waits excessively lengthy so Karlee asks in the event that she will leave so she can strip down in private. Grinning, Casey leaves the room and Karlee removes her garments. She envelops herself by a towel and heads to the shower. Turning on the warm water, it trickles all around her sculpted physique. Unbeknownst to her, Casey is in her room and is planning something naughty. She gets Karlee's garments and conceals them. At the point when she gets back to her room, they're no place in sight.
Casey guarantees her that the house cleaners has most likely lost them and she'll make the important requests. At the point when she returns, she tells her they're working diligently searching for themselves and that maybe she could give her a back rub on the house for her difficulty. Karlee is awkward and isn't exactly in that frame of mind for this. She could do without kneads yet Casey guarantees her that since she's strained she most likely requirements it now like never before. Since she needs to stand by, she should receive something in return.
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