All Girl Massage - What's She Got That I Don't?

Publish Date:24.01.2023
Rhythm Lux, a masseuse, is investigating the day's timetable when she detects a natural name: Lena Paul. THIS is the lady that Rhythm's better half left her for! She rapidly calls her partner to request that she switch clients since she's interested to see what precisely this lady has that she doesn't. At the point when her associate concurs, the arrangement is gotten rolling.

At the point when Lena shows up, Rhythm can scarcely conceal her disdain while attempting to be essentially as expert as could really be expected. In spite of the fact that Lena appears to be sufficiently sweet, Rhythm doesn't ease off of her once they start the back rub. Regardless of being harsher than ordinary with her hands, Lena is by all accounts into it, which makes Rhythm quietly smolder significantly more. However, the more drawn out the back rub goes on, the more Rhythm winds up looking at Lena's provocative body...
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