All Girl Massage - Unfriendly Competition

Publish Date:12.01.2023
Lexi Legend strolls into the back rub parlor. At the point when masseuses and co-proprietors of the parlor Dana DeArmond and Julia Ann see her (and perceive how hot she is), the two of them race to welcome her, attempting to push each other far removed so the other can welcome her first. The energy between the two masseuses is plainly aggressive. At long last, the two of them contact her simultaneously.
Lexi appears to be sweet and a little credulous, letting them know that she's never gotten a back rub. Her father is continuously telling her she ought to entertain herself on a more regular basis and invest a portion of all that cash that he makes, however she detests parading her riches or flaunting, Lexi adds earnestly. Be that as it may, to pay tribute to her eighteenth birthday celebration, she figured she would check it out for once and indulge herself with something: a back rub. She then asks what sort of back rub medicines they offer.
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