All Girl Massage - Tricking My New Step-Mom

Publish Date:01.01.2023
Goldie Glock is going to meet her new step-mother, Marie McCray, interestingly, despite the fact that she's upset about it. Since her new mother is around her own age, Goldie is persuaded that she's looking for trouble... Yet, when she shows up at the family, her father calls and advises her that he will be late for supper, and that implies she wants to meet Marie all alone.
At the point when she thumps, Marie meets her at the entryway however botches her as the masseuse she's recruited! In spite of the fact that she's befuddled from the outset, Goldie then, at that point, understands this is the ideal chance to get some soil on Marie. How hard could it at any point be a masseuse...?
When she's inside Marie's home and Marie makes herself agreeable on her very own back rub table, Goldie snatches a few oil and starts the back rub. When Marie begins unwinding, Goldie starts posing individual inquiries, attempting to get Marie to out herself as some awful golddigger. However, Marie keeps on being sweet all through, voicing her interests about gathering her step-girl later and it she's jumped at the chance to trust that!
Goldie doesn't know how else she might get reality out of Marie without outing herself, so she centers rather around getting Marie hot and weighty. Perhaps THEN something will slip? Normally, when Marie's offered a blissful closure, she's a piece bothered however chooses to oblige it since Goldie demands it's an ordinary piece of the back rub bundle...
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