Girlsway - The Toll of Control

Publish Date:26.10.2022
Ivy Wolfe and Kira Noir are relaxing in their bedroom. Ivy inquires about their invitation to the wedding when she learns that one of Kira's staff members is getting married. Kira replies that since they are not close friends, she wasn't invited. She continues by saying that because she is the boss and wants to maintain professionalism, this is how she likes it. Ivy chuckles at Kira's strict demeanour and remarks that the wedding would be a lot of fun. She is informed by Kira that if she wants to keep her employees' respect, she cannot be friends with them. Unfortunately, if they approached her, they would trample her underfoot. Kira admits that she genuinely despises this kind of relationship when Ivy asks if she appreciates it.
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