Girlsway - The Gag Gift

Publish Date:28.05.2023
It's Adria Rae's birthday. She's looking sharp and all set out for a birthday supper. There is a thump on the entryway and Adria looksconfused, then irritated as she goes to answer the entryway. Her companion, Casey Calvert, holding a birthday pack, happily welcomes her with'Happy birthday!' Adria comments that Casey is too soon - - they're not due to go to the birthday supper for one more hour! Caseyapologizes however says that she simply needed to give Adria an extraordinary birthday present before they took off... It's the sort of gift you can'topen before family!

Adria is still a piece irritated yet can't remain furious at her companion. She feigns exacerbation and welcomes Casey in, tolerating the pack. As she opensthe gift, Casey looks modestly down at her lap. Adria pulls a tie on from the sack. The two of them chuckle, however Adria asks Casey what theheck she's reasoning! Is Casey attempting to tell her something? Casey timidly says that it's a gag gift and not to stress since her genuine giftis on the way and the tie on will be returned. She simply thought it'd be interesting...
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