All Girl Massage - The Tired Client

Publish Date:27.12.2022
Jill Kassidy went out last night and is now in excruciating pain. Jillian Janson, her masseuse, asks if she has any sore spots, but Jill remarks that she is sore pretty much everywhere. Jillian asks her to remove her clothes and lie down so they can examine her. Jill lies on her back while Jillian oils her hands and begins massaging her. She doesn't notice Jillian's hands all over her breasts because she's too tired to care. She mumbles something about her tits as she nods off for a second. Jillian interprets this as an invitation because she can't get enough of her perfect little tits. Jillian takes a chance and moves her hand closer to Jill's pussy, but she receives no response.
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