All Girl Massage - The Russian Masseuse

Publish Date:09.01.2023
Ayumi Anime readies the back rub table for her next client by ensuring the room is quite clean. At the point when Serena Blair strolls in, she begins making sense of that her normal masseuse isn't there and she's contemplating whether Ayumi can support her. Ayumi removes her mid-sentence and, talking in Russian, attempts to clarify for Serena that she doesn't communicate in English. Ayumi then, at that point, lifts her shirt, giving Serena the message decently fast that she believes her should strip down. She goes after her bra and unfastens the tie as Serena attempts frantically to stop her. While she covers her bosoms, Ayumi removes her undies, tosses them across the room and movements for her to rests on the table. She drops her bra on the floor and figures he should attempt to partake in this back rub; all things considered, she paid for it! As she oils up her body, she runs her hands all over her back and ass. Serena can't quit discussing of apprehension; she could do without removing her garments before outsiders and can scarcely unwind. What's more regrettable, Ayumi is currently kneading her butt and getting truly near her pussy. At the point when she moves her legs separated, she centers exclusively around her twat. Serena concedes that it feels better however is as yet apprehensive. At the point when she gives a valiant effort to give up and unwind, she begins groaning, partaking in the impression of Ayumi's hands on her clit.
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