All Girl Massage - The Masseuse's POV

Publish Date:27.11.2022
Coy masseuse Brett Rossi welcomes her new client Lena Anderson. Lena has a sensitive back. She strips her get and values the vibe of her firm little boobs as she helps remove her outfit. Before they start the back rub, Brett comes around to investigate her back. She jumps on the table, and stretches her out. Then she lays Lena face down on the table. At the point when the back rub starts, Lena demands leaving on her undies. She covers her in oil and inquires as to whether she enjoys tacos, regardless of lettuce. Lena has no inclination.

Brett is overheating so she removes her shirt and bra. She jumps back on the table and rides her client's butt. Then she coasts her upper middle along Lena's back while telling her she just moved on from rub school. She persuades her to eliminate her undies and applies more oil to her butt. She goes after her pussy and comments on the strain she feels in there. Then Brett removes her bottoms because of the intensity.
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