All Girl Massage - The Layover

Publish Date:11.12.2022
Riley Reyes and April Snow are two airline stewards attempting to loosen up before the following leg of their outing. April is particularly focused on the grounds that she's functioning another course with another team interestingly. She's focused on to such an extent that her entire body is tense, which Riley calls her out on. Tragically, when April attempted to book a back rub with the inn, there was nothing accessible, so she needs to endure it... or on the other hand so she thinks!
Riley rushes to offer a back rub to assist April with unwinding during their delay. In spite of the fact that April's somewhat humiliated from the beginning, she acknowledges the consideration and starts liquefying under Riley's talented hands. Little does April know, with each bunch worked out, Riley gradually becomes excited. In the long run, Riley stirs the back rub up and has April lay on her front. As Riley rides her, the back rub just gets even more suggestive until Riley at long last prods April's butt, demanding that she can make April significantly MORE loose!
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