All Girl Massage - The Bucket List

Publish Date:13.01.2023
Cecilia Lion and Congruity Marvel, two closest companions, are getting back from a day of climbing. They're the two injuries from the trip yet satisfied, as well, since that implies there's something less on their lists of must-dos! With them both being isolated soon for school, their lists of must-dos comprise of all that they believe should do together while they actually can.

While Cecilia marks off the keep going thing on her rundown, Amicability falters. Rather than letting her inquisitive amigo know the last thing, she bashfully diverts the inquiries and stuffs her rundown into her pocket. To divert Cecilia, Congruity offers to give Cecilia a back rub since she's so sore from the climb. Cecilia effectively acknowledges the back rub, allowing the point to drop... for the time being.
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