All Girl Massage - The Boss's Wife

Publish Date:12.12.2022
Dana DeArmond is in the kitchen with her significant other, finding him before he's out the entryway for the afternoon. Since he's a finance manager, she's stressed over the new secretary he recruited on the grounds that she's certain no lady can oppose him. The spouse, who looks exasperated as though they've had this discussion multiple times previously, demands that nothing is going on among him and the secretary. As a matter of fact, he as of late recruited a lesbian explicitly to reassure Dana! Indeed, even this act doesn't appear to be enough for Dana, however she wishes him a decent day and sees him on his way.
Not long after her significant other leaves, there's a thump on the entryway. It's, as a matter of fact, Alina Lopez, the new secretary. She's there to get a few records from Dana's better half, her chief. Alina would rather not linger too long, yet inquires as to whether Dana will likewise let her charge her telephone for a couple of moments since she wants the GPS to find her direction back to work. Despite the fact that Dana's strained around Alina, she amiably gives her access to give her the archives and charge her telephone.
When inside, the two of them plunk down to stand by while the telephone re-energizes. Dana looks around a little, attempting to learn on the off chance that her better half is being faithless working, yet Alina guarantees her that he's totally stricken with her. Moreover, Alina can't envision her better half effectively harmed a perfect lady like her!
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