All Girl Massage - Tense Teacher

Publish Date:16.01.2023
Scarlett Mae, being the adorable trouble maker that she is, has landed herself - - once more - - in detainment She's wanting to have the option to fascinate the educator so she can get out prior. Sadly for her, Ms. Serena Blair is looking after her, and she's not allowing Scarlett to get off the snare THAT without any problem.

As Scarlett gloomily attempts to take a break, she sees that Serena looks a piece solid. THIS seems to be a chance to kiss up to the educator AND have a touch of tomfoolery! Scarlett approaches Serena, who is interested and dubious about the closeness. Scarlett demands that she can give Serena a back rub to assist with her solidness, however Serena is vigilant. Despite the fact that Serena attempts to oppose her, Scarlett at last wins Serena over and is permitted to give her a back rub - - provided that she hurries up!
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