All Girl Massage - Taking Care Of The Au-Pair

Publish Date:23.12.2022
Ryder Skye couldn't LIVE without her live in housekeeper, Gia Derza. Ryder's family (as well as her mental stability) would be wrecked without Gia's assistance. Gia's in every case such a diligent employee and really a surprisingly good turn of events.

At the point when Ryder gets back home from one more drawn out day, she finds Gia depleted on the sofa, sleeping for a bit's. Ryder looks affectionately at her and is going to awaken her when she stops. She can't resist the urge to appreciate the hot young lady, her eyes brushing over Gia's charming butt. She soooo needs to get her hands on that ass - - and then some - - yet Gia blends and the open door is lost.

Or then again IS it?

Ryder pleasantly grins as she offers the youthful caretaker a back rub to assist with the fatigue. Gia accomplishes such a great deal for her, so Ryder maintains that should do a little a bonus for her consequently!
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