All Girl Massage - Squirts Up!

Publish Date:29.12.2022
Surfer Karla Kush shows up at the back rub parlor, conveying her surfboard. Masseuse Krissy Lynn welcomes her, obviously enjoying Karla's hot swimsuit look. They make casual conversation, both looking a piece sweat-soaked and referencing that it should be the most sultry day of the year. Krissy conciliatory tells her that their AC is broken. Karla says that is the reason she recently went surfing: the air conditioner at her home is broken as well and she needed to chill.

Karla makes reference to that she needs to get a NURU rub. Krissy tells her that a NURU knead starts with a shower. That is awesome, she wants to wash the ocean side off of her at any rate! Karla says. They go to the shower region.
Karla and Krissy both get bare. They look at one another's bodies favorably. Krissy washes Karla and the shower rapidly gets hot as they stroke each other's foamy bodies. Restless to have a great time with Karla and the NURU gel, Krissy recommends that they continue to the back rub segment.
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