All Girl Massage - She Knows What I Like

Publish Date:24.12.2022
Jenna Sativa shows up for her consistently planned rub. Be that as it may, rather than her typical masseuse, Abigail, she finds Izzy Lavish sitting tight for her. Izzy makes sense of that Abigail is an extended get-away, so Izzy is covering for her. Jenna proposes that perhaps she ought to reschedule her back rub for when Abigail is back, since she's exceptionally specific about her back rubs.

Nonetheless, Izzy guarantees Jenna that she can take great consideration of her. As a matter of fact, she even has another back rub include for Jenna to attempt: a support! Jenna consents to attempt it, so she strips down for the back rub and positions herself on the support, which helpfully shows off her wonderful ass.
Izzy utilizes knead oil to luxurious consideration on Jenna's butt, and rubs her lovely legs and feet also. Whenever she's finished with Jenna's posterior, she eliminates the support so Jenna can turn over.
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