All Girl Massage - Monthly Meeting

Publish Date:26.01.2023
Masseuse Jade Pastry specialist invites rub parlor proprietor Lena Paul into the room. Jade acquaints Lena with her learner, Violet Myers, and clarifies for Violet that Lena is there for a month to month review.

Lena strips down and reviews the room while getting a back rub, which appears to be something ordinary among her and Jade. In the interim, Violet is stunned.

Ultimately, it is the ideal opportunity for Lena to review the solace level of the back rub table. She lies on it on her front side as Jade back rubs her. Violet turns out to be much more bashful when Lena turns over and Jade starts kneading her front. Jade perceives how bothered Violet is and welcomes her to assist with rubbing Lena. Violet concurs.
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