All Girl Massage - Massage Class Secrets Part Two: Study Break

Publish Date:10.01.2023
With tests coming up rapidly, Chloe Love and her step cousin Jenna Sativa are in the middle of contemplating, however Chloe is truly struggling with concentrating. Chloe convinces Jenna to enjoy some time off; notwithstanding, Jenna is determined of the significance behind it. Jenna gets a call from her companion Riley Reed, welcoming them tomorrow to their restrictive new back rub club. Chloe giggles at the thought and figures she can better at knead. Jenna folds under Chloe's strategies to abstain from concentrating by taking off her shirt and permitting Chloe to knead her without any protection. Jenna felt somewhat reluctant being the only one topless, so Chloe cheers her up by taking off her shirt too. Chloe gloats how great of a masseuse she is and demonstrates it via touching Jenna erotically. Things heat up where Chloe requests that Jenna remove her strap to rub her butt. Chloe attempts to pay off Jenna into stepping through her exam in school once more yet Jenna figures Chloe should work much harder for that to occur. How far will Chloe go to try not to step through that examination once more? Furthermore, will Jenna be persuaded by Chloe's awful impacts? Just a single method for finding out!
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