All Girl Massage - Long-Distance Surprise

Publish Date:15.01.2023
It's Jenna Sativa's birthday and she video talks with her better half Casey Calvert. They are in a far-removed relationship and Casey can't visit for the b-day. They have not seen each other in months and appear to be repressed. Casey lets Jenna know that she has a birthday treat for her. After a second, the shock shows up - Spencer Bradley, a confidential masseuse. She will give Jenna a back rub while Casey looks after video visit. Jenna is invigorated and moved by Casey's mindfulness.

A couple of seconds after the fact, Spencer has set up her back rub table. She will work erotically kneading Jenna as Casey watches from the PC, giving ideas all through the rubdown. In the end, Spencer inclines in to kiss Jenna, uncovering that Casey sorted out for one final exceptional shock - the back rub incorporates a cheerful closure!
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