All Girl Massage - Learning From The Best

Publish Date:07.02.2023
Kenzie Reeves is battling while at the same time reading up for her test. She's wanting to turn into a masseuse however she can't truly understand the part about supports. In any case, what really do supports try and DO??
While she mourns into her PC, her step-mother, Dee Williams, strolls by. She's concerned when she sees Kenzie battling, it what's going on to inquire. Kenzie makes sense of what's irritating her while likewise respecting Dee for how great of a masseuse SHE is. All Kenzie wishes is that she might have some way or another acquired Dee's masseuse abilities!
Dee demands that Kenzie will become as great a masseuse as she is one day with loads of training. As a matter of fact, she's glad to tell Kenzie the best way to utilize a support herself. Kenzie, frantic to finish her test and furthermore needing a review break, effectively concurs.
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