All Girl Massage - Just Act Natural

Publish Date:28.12.2022
Alex Coal is finding a spot at the lounge area table before her PC, wearing headphones that are associated with the PC. She types rapidly, with reason. Obviously she's an exceptionally bustling lady. Her better half, Jezabel Vessir, strolls up behind her and affectionately slips her arms around Alex. Alex gives a half-look back, charmingly however distractedly welcoming Jezabel. Alex is drenched in her work. Jezabel inquires as to whether she's had lunch yet, proposing to make Alex something. Alex obligingly declines, demanding that she'll eat later.
Jezabel sees that Alex's stance is terrible and offers to give her a shoulder rub. Alex at first decays, since she has a video call beginning soon, yet in the end concurs.

Jezabel starts to rub Alex's shoulders as Alex keeps on working, composing on the PC. Despite the fact that Alex is extremely tense and at first not into the back rub, it doesn't take long for Jezabel's hands to begin to loosen up her. Jezabel keeps on scouring Alex's shoulders as Alex gets increasingly more into it, becoming occupied from her composing.
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