All Girls Massage - Internal Ass Massage

Publish Date:27.10.2022
Samantha Bentley and Adriana Chechik, two burlesque dancers, had a fantastic evening at work, but Adriana's back has been giving her terrible pain. Samantha has been anxiously awaiting her first opportunity to free Adriana from her corset and place her under her greasy hands for a massage. Samantha climbs on the couch where Adriana is lying to begin massaging her. Soon Samantha's top will be off as well, and the massage will start with Adriana's shoulders and back before moving on to her ass, which is where the most of the stress appears to be coming from. Adriana's release can only result from some interior massaging, so Samantha takes her time teaching Adriana the technique and soon Adriana can feel Samantha's tongue.
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