All Girl Massage - Inappropriate Assist

Publish Date:12.01.2023
Jenna Sativa and Maddy O'Reilly are in the lounge exercise out and doing some extending. At the point when Jenna requests that Maddy pull her from her midsection as she lies on the floor, she some way or another figures out how to snatch her pussy all things considered. Jenna tumbles to the ground and damages her back. Maddy feels so terrible so she begins kneading her shoulder, inquiring as to whether she's alright. Jenna inquires as to whether she cares either way if she rests, she's truly in aggravation. Maddy begins rubbing her shoulder as she keeps on saying 'sorry' She tells her she's sorry she crossed a limit; she got befuddled and felt that she loved her. At the point when Jenna tells her that truth be told she is somewhat sensitive down there, Maddy understands that maybe her impulses were correct. She begins rubbing her lower back until Jenna requested that she go lower. At the point when she begins chipping away at her butt and upper legs, Jenna groans, telling her that in spite of her being sore, it feels better. At the point when Maddy inquires as to whether she feels improved, Jenna pivots and tells her she will when she kneads her pussy. Maddy's confounded however grasps her hand and movements her to play with her pussy.
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