All Girl Massage - In-Room Rubdown

Publish Date:21.12.2022
Depleted and disappointed, Lola the Legal counselor needs a loosening up back rub to de-pressurize from the day. She arranges room administration to send up a masseuse to rub her disappointments free. She gets into her robe, to stand by. The Masseuse appears and gets for work. She gives Lola a few plans to hold her back from getting so worried. Before long however, we understand the masseuse has ulterior thought processes. The masseuse tests Lola to perceive how she'd feel about having her pussy rubbed. Lola is prepared for pretty much anything, and you know she's prepared for the masseuse when she begins to rub her own tits. Stand by till you perceive how Lola gets into the back rub straightaway... you could have a shock.
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