All Girl Massage - Hesitant Housewife

Publish Date:05.01.2023
Brett Rossi approaches the counter of the back rub parlor and is welcomed by Kenzie Taylor, a close buddy who she hasn't seen since school. Astonished to see one another, they welcome each other energetically. The two of them appear to be anxious to casual conversation aside from when the masseuse asks Brett how her significant other is doing, she rushedly says he's fine and afterward gets some information about how the parlor is faring nowadays. Kenzie obviously sees her talking about something else however decides not to say anything. In the end, the subject gets on to Brett's back being sore. It's firm to the point that she wants a good...pounding. She was trusting perhaps Kenzie could help her. 'Obviously!' Kenzie shouts.

Kenzie drives her companion to the confidential back rub room and trains Brett to strip down, making sense of that she would rather not get any oil on her garments. Brett takes some time alone to strip down and check out the room with interest prior to settling down on the bed. She puts the towel over her, yet she doesn't work effectively of situating it to cover everything thus a portion of her butt and pussy is looking out at the lower part of the towel.
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