All Girl Massage - Here For A Friend

Publish Date:10.02.2023
Masseuse Quinn Wilde welcomes Penelope Reed, who is sitting pausing, believing she's a client prepared for her back rub. Penelope says that she's really hanging tight for her companion. At the point when Quinn inquires as to whether she's discussing Emily, Penelope grins and says OK. Quinn illuminates her that her companion left only 10 minutes sooner with a person, which disturbs Penelope. Quinn inquires as to whether she needs a back rub since she has spare energy now... on the house since the masseuse feels terrible. Penelope concurs and follows Quinn to the back rub region.

Quinn teaches that she can feel free to strip down so they can start. Penelope wavers and inquire as to whether it's important to strip down, and Quinn makes sense of it's so she can utilize the back rub oils on her. Penelope then strips down and sets down on the back rub table, prepared for her back rub.
Quinn inquires as to whether there are any pain points Penelope would like dealt with, and she answers that that'd be her lower back and arms. Quinn begins working her shoulders and drops down to her back.
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