All Girl Massage - Family Friction 2 - Soothing Sister's Guilt

Publish Date:05.01.2023
Carolina Desserts is as yet faltering from the insane day she's had up to this point - - besides the fact that she figured out that her folks' marriage is going to pieces, she likewise had intercourse with her step-sibling, Nathan! She's stressed to such an extent that she looks for guidance and solace from her more certain step-sister, Kenna James, who likewise got back from school.
Carolina admits to Kenna that she lost her virginity to Nathan, who is Kenna's organic sibling, AND that she knows Dee and Eric's marriage is in a difficult situation!

As Carolina trusted, Kenna takes the news in steps and consoles her that all will be well. Unbeknownst to Carolina, Kenna's covertly substantially more worried about the insight about their folks being in a difficult situation than Carolina getting it on with her sibling. Kenna might have hard skin, yet it made herextremely upset when she needed to express farewell to her natural father after her step-mother, Dee, prevailed upon authority her and Nathan. She can't stand the possibility of picking sides like that once more!
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