All Girl Massage - Couple's Sex Injury

Publish Date:02.02.2023
Sarah Vandella and Mackenzie Greenery, a wedded couple, show up at a back rub parlor. Mackenzie is looking solid, keeping her lower down and scouring her delicate ass, while Sarah is looking on thoughtfully. Mackenzie is humiliated to be at the back rub parlor for her physical issue yet Sarah demands that it's better that they manage it now!

Katrina Jade, the masseuse, is interested as she hears all of this. Really her for an unconstrained booking, she makes room in her timetable for themselves and leads them to the confidential room.

Mackenzie bashfully strips and gets on the back rub table while Sarah watches on. Sarah urges Mackenzie to come clean with Katrina about her physical issue so she can best be dealt with. At the point when Mackenzie doesn't move, Sarah emerges and says it: Mackenzie slipped on some lube while they were commending their commemoration!
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