All Girl Massage - Closet Case

Publish Date:11.01.2023
Jade Kush shows up for her back rub and is staggered when she sees Serena Blair behind the counter. Gracious, kid, Jade can hardly Stand by to get kneaded by this hot angel! It's like Jade's fantasies are all approaching valid on the double as Serena grins and starts moving toward her, seeming to be the first page of a hot magazine...

Yet, everything comes to a sudden end as Serena wonderfully acquaints Jade with a masseur all things being equal. It's almost beyond the realm of possibilities for Jade to conceal her mistake as Serena pardons herself to proceed with work somewhere else, leaving Jade with her masseur. Jade hesitantly rearranges after her masseur into the confidential room, however gets a thought...

When the masseur ventures into a storeroom to gather a few supplies, Jade subtly traps him in. She then, at that point, rushes off and finds Serena once more, guaranteeing that her masseur was summoned for a crisis. Serena's shocked by the difference in occasions however offers to knead Jade all things considered, which sends Jade euphoric with charm. She burns through no time stripping down and tumbling onto the table, astonishing Serena with how excited she is!
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