All Girl Massage - Chinese Medicinal Tummy Rub

Publish Date:17.12.2022
Client Jaye Summers makes an appointment with Vietnamese masseuse Cindy Starfall for a Chinese medicinal stomach massage. The petite masseuse insists that Jaye undress completely, but Jaye believes that being naked for a tummy rub is unnecessary. She's come to get her cramps relieved. But Cindy tells her to relax over and over again, and while she sounds convincing, Jaye isn't sure Cindy understands what she's saying. Cindy is fixated on her buttocks and won't let up. Jaye wishes to roll over for a tummy rub. Cindy tells her to roll onto her back and close her eyes.
She begins by massaging her breasts, but Jaye directs her attention to her abdomen. Cindy rubs the lower part of her tummy near her crotch.
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