Girlsway - Caught Snooping

Publish Date:20.02.2023
Lana Rhoades is in bed, her panties undone and her legs spread. Melissa Moore, her roommate, bursts into her bedroom as she is about to make herself cum. Lana stands up in surprise and embarrassment, and Melissa quickly turns around and walks away. Lana resumes masturbation, but Melissa is enraged at the sight of her hot roommate diddling her clit, so she quietly opens Lana's door a crack to secretly watch Lana play with her pussy.
Melissa pulls up her tank top and takes off her shorts and underwear as she hides behind the other side of the wall by Lana's bedroom. Lana comes to the door to see what's going on when her fingerbanging and loud moans catch her attention.
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