All Girl Massage - Business Audit

Publish Date:21.05.2023
Aften Opal, another masseuse, is monitoring the front work area when Kayla Paige, an evaluator, swaggers in followed by her excited associate, Giselle Palmer. Kayla is all business as she expresses that they're there for a standard review and that Aften ought to run along while they take care of their responsibilities. Not having any desire to impede them, Aften rushes away.

At the point when Aften leaves, Kayla smiles to herself while watching after her. She Loves what she sees... As Giselle stirs things up around town, a wicked idea enters Kayla's thoughts...

After Giselle is finished doing the math, Kayla cleverly demands that they mind Aften once more. When they do, Kayla persuades Giselle to strip down and acknowledge a back rub from Aften. It's all essential for the evaluating system, obviously! They need to know Aften's playing out her best for the organization, all things considered.
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