All Girl Massage - Ass Up, Bolster Out!

Publish Date:30.01.2023
Client is stunning and outgoing. Cali Carter enters the spa and is greeted by her masseuse, Zoey Taylor. She isn't afraid to flaunt her muscular body in preparation for her bolster massage. She isn't put off by the fact that this will be Zoey's first time using the bolster. Cali's firm and toned ass cheeks are massaged with oil by the shy masseuse, who is careful not to soak her red panties in oil. Cali wants her inner thighs massaged because they are sore from lifting weights and squatting.
Perhaps Zoey isn't touching her intimately enough, but Cali mentions the glowing reviews she's read. She is certain that Zoey's boss wishes for equal treatment for all customers.
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