All Girl Massage - Ass Leverage

Publish Date:07.12.2022
Until sprinter Leah Gotti strolls in, masseuse Spencer Scott is enraged that she has no business today, after a long distance race obstructs the whole road. Grumbling she harmed her lower thigh from the race, Leah coincidentally finds the spa. Spencer is angry yet since it is her main client, she chooses it's superior to nobody. Spencer takes off Leah's shoes and handles her delicate feet yet since it isn't the region where Leah needs consideration, Spencer requests that she take off her garments despite the fact that Leah isn't into all naked back rubs. Spencer's enormous boobs and appeal make it not take long for Leah to consent. Spencer rubs Leah's tight ass with her hands and elbows then draws out a reinforce pad to get Leah's irritated butt mid air bringing Spencer's fingers draws nearer to Leah's shaved pussy. The lesbian masseuse puts her thumb within Leah and licks her tight butt hole until she cums in sapphic euphoria. At last, they start tribbing, and from that point on Spencer and Leah can't get enough of each other, plunging their wet tongues within each other in a 69 position, shouting from the extraordinary lesbian joy!
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