All Girl Massage - Another Mistaken Identity!

Publish Date:07.01.2023
Moka Mora is going through the early evening time having drinks and absorbing some sun. At the point when Aiden Ashley approaches Moka, she presents herself and plunks down. Moka doesn't see that Aiden has slipped a free back rub coupon in her satchel expecting to get her on her table. At the point when she shows up at the salon, she inquires as to whether they've met previously. She acts ignorant and tells her that her workers leave the coupons all over town. In any event, free now, so on the off chance that she needs a back rub Aiden could support right away. Moka is elated and inquires as to whether she ought to remove her garments. Aiden advises her to go on yet Moka is somewhat modest and contemplates whether there is a changing room in the office. Aiden apologizes, saying every one of the rooms are full however vows not to take a gander at her while she strips down. She strips down and lies on the table. Aiden oils up her body and will work. She burns through no time running her hands on Moka's gigantic well proportioned ass. Moka is shocked and contemplates whether that is essential for the back rub. Aiden begins kneading her tits and tells that it's important for her back rub routine and she ought to simply unwind and have fun. As she kneads her internal thighs and legs, she gets increasingly close to her pussy. As she moves her hand on her clit and starts scouring it with her fingers, Moka gets up to dissent yet Aiden tells her she will not get the full sensation with her back curves like that. What's more, when Aiden slips a finger in her pussy, Moka is at long last loosened up to the point of getting a charge out of it.
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