Girlsway - A Wife's Affair: Part Two

Publish Date:11.02.2023
Vanessa is doing her laundry at home, contemplating her new venture into the lesbian underground with Abigail. However, when she calls Abigail, it is clear that Abigail is feeling a little greedy. Abigail isn't interested in meeting new people and prefers to keep Vanessa to herself. Vanessa is determined to keep her date with Charlotte and India, but when Vanessa arrives, India, excuse me, Ms. Summer, appears to be out for the day. Charlotte is delighted to welcome Vanessa into her home.
Charlotte is content to pry, telling Vanessa about Ms. Summer's recent party. Vanessa recalls walking into the club for the first time and seeing a heap of sultry naked women writhing on the floor.
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