Girlsway - You Were A Cheerleader??

Publish Date:05.03.2023
Rhythm Lux and her sweetheart, Marley Brinx, are unwinding together before Rhythm needs to head out to work. Marley snickers to herself over something on the PC, which definitely stands out enough to be noticed. At the point when Rhythm inquisitively investigates, she sees old photos of her better half in a cheerleading uniform! She never realized Marley was a team promoter! Perhaps of her most noteworthy dream in secondary school was to get with a team promoter, however she'd been too geeky to get seen by the famous young ladies...

Obviously, seeing Marley in that meager uniform makes Rhythm quite lascivious... in any case, that should stand by since she needs to get to work!
The entire day, Rhythm needs to fight those hot contemplations until she's at last home once more. At the point when she shows up, she's in for the amazement of her life as she finds Marley wearing her old uniform!
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