Girlsway - Who's the Bitch Now: Part One

Publish Date:26.10.2022
When Reena Sky receives a text from her adulterous husband, she is lying in the bathtub. He claims he won't be able to return for their anniversary and assures Reena that he will make it up to her. She doesn't buy it for a second and realises he's having an affair with his sexy secretary. Reena is prepared to exact revenge on her unfaithful spouse because she is sick of constantly wanting to respond with a punch. Yet how? Reena hears her doorbell ring while considering her ultimate vengeance. She lets Chanell Heart in, a stunning young woman. As the new neighbour, Chanell introduced herself and provided baked delicacies. When Reena first laid eyes on this stunning beauty, she could not believe it.
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