Girlsway - While The Boss is Away

Publish Date:06.12.2022
Jenna Sativa and Samantha Hayes are sleeping. At the point when Jenna's caution goes off and she sees the time on her telephone, she overreacts acknowledging how late she is for work. At the point when her sweetheart Samantha advises her that she's the chief and can go in at whatever point she needs, Jenna gestures. The thing is, is that Jenna is lying. At the point when she will work, her chief, Shyla Jennings, is shouting at her. As Jenna apologizes, Shyla lets her that know this is the last time she will endure any of this hogwash from her. She will remain till she's done the show Shyla needs for her executive gathering and until she completes it, she's staying put. Jenna gestures timidly as she'll effectively keep her work. Shyla leaves in disdain as Jenna will work. At the point when Jenna calls Samantha to tell her that their supper plans are dropped, Samantha is vexed.
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