Girlsway - We Like Girls - Syren & Dee

Publish Date:04.02.2023
I've had the joy of working with the astounding Dee Williams a Ton in the previous year, so when she educated me regarding this staggering five-year relationship with Syren De Mer, I was bolted. It seemed like the sort of affection that you just read about in fantasies, so how should I NOT highlight them for this project?

'We met on set, really,' Dee replied when we asked how she and Syren initially met. 'She strolled into the green room, I didn't realize I was working with her, and I was like, who is THAT??'

'We sort of felt an association right all along, however we had Quite recently met,' Syren circled back to. They proceeded to portray how strongly they succumbed to one another at every turn, with Dee conceding that even her ex didn't take a gander at her the manner in which Syren did!
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