Girlsway - Unrequited Realtor

Publish Date:22.02.2023
Realtor Aiden Ashley sees her most recent client out of the house she's been entrusted with selling. At that point, the mortgage holder, Jessica Ryan, strolls in. They talk about the appearance, which turned out poorly. Jessica is dubious on the grounds that the last couple of appearances have been going gravely. Aiden apologizes and rationalizes.

Detecting that Aiden isn't adequately inspired, Jessica turns Aiden upward and down, gnawing her lip lewdly as she gets a thought. To give Aiden the additional push that she really wants to invest the energy and get the house sold, Jessica proposes that they fuck. Aiden is amazed and shocked, however Jessica demands that there could be NO more excellent method for getting somebody persuaded than with sex. Aiden can't contend with that, licking her lips energetically.

Jessica will take the necessary steps to ensure the task gets finished!
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