Girlsway - Undercover Pleasure - Part Two: The Deal

Publish Date:15.02.2023
Nicole Aniston has no clue about what's happening. Her secretary isn't who she assumed she was. The serum that Carter took has now worn away from and she to her old self once more. She expresses her central goal and how she presently has the verification to close her down unequivocally. Nicole is a finance manager and isn't willing to lose all that she buckled down for. She realizes everybody has a value and will pay anything to get herself out of this wreck. She offers Carter an arrangement: she'll pay her triple what she's getting for this gig. Carter is fascinated by the proposition, yet lets Nicole know that that could work yet she needs another element. She inquires as to whether she's into blondies. At the point when Nicole receives the message they consent to significantly increase pay and a meeting.
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