All Girl Massage - Two's Company

Publish Date:11.02.2023
Abigail Mac is led into the house by Chloe Cherry. They are both cheerful and practically glowing, albeit a little tussled. After THAT, Chloe says she doesn't understand what all the fuss is about threesomes. Abigail laughs, implying that they aren't all like that. The poor guy tried his hardest, but she thinks they were too much for him! Even for one sexually confident woman, he seemed out of his league, let alone two!
They sit down to unwind, but Chloe winces and rubs her shoulder. When asked if she's okay, she says she is, but she's a little stiff. After all, a couple of those positions WERE pretty daring! Perhaps Abigail could massage her? Abigail gladly agrees.
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