Girlsway - The Turning: Part Five

Publish Date:15.12.2022
In the middle of putting the final details on her tea bundling, Dr. Remedy gazes upward from her PC similarly as her Systematic attendants Halle, Cassie, and Blaire into the room. Peering toward their flickering, tacky bodies and wide-looked at wonder, the Specialist grins. It seems her pet Halle has taken care of her business, similarly as she was prepared. She arranges the Methodical out of the room so she can secretly test the aftereffects of her latest analyses.

She starts by showing the new lesbians a men's magazine and, as expected, they respond with dismay and repugnance at the simple sight of a man. Victoriously, Dr. Solution scratches off her cushion and runs another, more significant test. Pulling a splashing wet sets of undies out of her sterile jacket, she prods the young ladies until their mouths are slobbering and they have pussy juice running down their legs. The subsequent she drops the underwear to the ground, the three vigorous lezzies plunge on the floor, creeping and battling to grab and suck on the sweet splashed cotton. Blaire, the most forceful of the threesome, figures out how to tear the underwear away from Halle and Cassie and gobble up everything for herself. Ravenously, the young ladies think back to the great Specialist for sustenance and ask for a taste.
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