Girlsway - The Plumber's Apprentice

Publish Date:26.10.2022
Hazel Paige, a plumber, and Spencer Bradley, her apprentice, show up at a client's house. Samantha Reigns, 18, is a spoiled child who lives with this particular client's family, and Hazel cautions Spencer to keep Samantha at a distance so that she may complete her task without interruption. Although he makes a commitment to act professionally, Spencer is overcome by Samantha's beauty when she opens the door for the plumbing team.
Hazel starts to repair a leak under the sink as Samantha guides the group into the kitchen. While Spencer is trying to stay on task and fight temptation by giving Hazel the tools she needs while she asks for them, Samantha begins making inappropriate gestures and provocative remarks to Spencer.
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