Girlsway - The Pledge: One Year Later

Publish Date:05.03.2023
Sorority vow Ashley Adams gets off the telephone with her review amigo whose tongue she recently completed the process of riding, while her clueless sorority sister sweetheart Serena Blair is holding up at the house. Serena is somewhat annoyed by her delay. Ashley attempts to apologize and head into the shower, to wash off the waiting smell of pussy. However, Serena illuminates her that somebody's now in there preparing for a date. Ashley contemplates whether she ought to request that she speed things up, demanding she's stinky, however that simply makes Serena need to incline in to smell her adored Ashley's tits.

Serena thinks Ashley smells truly delightful, yet Ashley gets apprehensive when inquired as to whether she changed her scent. Then, at that point, Serena gets forcefully lively with Ashley, and attempts to get down her jeans. Ashley battles her off with concocted pardons not to screw her right then, at that point. However, Serena is energetically unsympathetic to Ashley's anxiety about getting found out by their sorority sisters in the event that they reject her promise. Serena alleviates her apprehensions, obviously she will give her access.
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